Writing in the Web

As the colder weather starts to settle in, my beautiful bugs are beginning to hide in wait for the next spring.  With a few last weeks of warmer temperatures, this writing spider caught my attention, partly because it's web was strung against the front door of my house and partly because of the intense colors he bears. He stayed in the same position for three days, unmoving and only reworking his home after he caught a meal, until finally he had to be moved since he was blocking the front door. 

He was an artist with his web, creating a pattern that is unseen in most spider's work. His precision and dedication made for a beautiful signature to his efforts.  

As a girl who like glitter and orchids, my interest in bugs comes from the beauty in the patterns they wear and create. Spiders have never bothered me, maybe because I can step on them if my protection is in question, but my weakness comes from a snake sighting.  So while I know many of you, hate creepy crawlies, I hope you can still appreciate the subtle perfection in an artist work like the writing spider's. 


  1. Sooooo scary looking! I hate spiders!

  2. I would have ran away screaming! You are so brave!!!

  3. I love spiders; I have always been fascinated by them. And you photography! Damn, girl, those are some amazing photos!

  4. Ahh ! spiders are scary!!
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  5. Those spiders are amazing! Great pictures....very good for Halloween season too.


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